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Twin Cities Shows Love, One Stitch at a Time

Updated: Jul 30, 2022


We'd like to welcome Liz K and Knitting Lizard Fibers to the tinbox family! Liz comes to us from the Twin Cities, as a referral from our amazing friends at Carriage House Textiles (Thank you LP!). We'd never imagine that the textile industry would be part of our list of clients but, thanks to the greatness of Small Business support, we now have two! We are so grateful for the opportunity!

We were tasked to redesign the logo for Knitting Lizard, a maker of hand-dyed yarns and clothing items. Liz reached out to us to help flesh out her ideas of bringing life to her old logo, made from a clip-art lizard and stock text. We'd exchanged some ideas on what the new logo should express and how it should represent the core values of both Knitting Lizard and its owner. The end result is a message of inclusion and growth, through open mindedness and a little bit of whimsy.

Thank you, once again, to Liz and Knitting Lizard Fibers. We hope you enjoy your new logo, in all of the adventures it is sure to go on. Best of luck to you!


For more information about Knitting Lizard Fibers, check out their website here

While you're at it, check out LP and the incredible Carriage House Textiles here


if you'd like to know more about these projects, from our end, check out our projects page for behind the scenes drafts and concept

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