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Back on the bike!

Throughout my design life, I’ve been a print junkie. I love the medium… the smell of reams of paper...the sound of 16pt stock as you run its edge across your fingertips…the problems and permanence that come from dot gain on porous paper…

UGH. It’s magical.

So, as you might imagine, working on a purely digital, highly volatile canvas like web can be a bit of a stretch for old legs like mine. It’s a love/hate relationship. I‘d imagine it’s like being a pastry chef that makes edible art pieces, minus the idea of having to eat your hard work and start over lol.

Alas, here we are. Back to the web, slowly tearing down the remnants of my old site (, in case you were curious 😘) and starting anew.

Feels good to be back on the bike. Let’s see how it goes!


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